Developing a Relationship with Your Employees

A good relationship between the employees and the manager creates a conducive environment in which work can be done effectively and efficiently. With a good environment, customers or clients will receive good services and the suppliers will also feel and benefit from the good atmosphere.
Communicate Clearly
As a manager you should always communicate clearly to your employees and at the same time work on creating a real relationship. This is where your employees know the real you instead of the authoritative figure that is somewhere high up and unapproachable  Letting others know the real you gives them confidence and trust in you. That way communication becomes mutual and clear between you and the employees.
Be Friendly
Cultivating for a friendlier environment in the work place as the manager may not be the easiest thing to do. But you can rest assured that it is possible and doable. Be careful however not to overdo it because it can compromise your level of authority to the employees. A little inspiration for your employees on a regular basis can see your business performing in heights it has never reached before.
Always make a point of carefully and attentively listening to your employees. As the manager you will surely have a lot of workload to cover on a daily basis but listening to your employees may give you ideas that can take the business to the next level. Listening to your employees can also motivate them since they will always be aware that you will not put them off. By listening to the employees you can also learn of major loop holes that if left unattended urgently can lead to the downfall of your business.

Be Fair
As the manager at your work place, you will definitely be required to settle many cases from minute to very serious issues. Once a case is presented to you always listen and reason with the complainants to ensure that you determine it in the fairest way possible. In case you show favouritism or make a wrong judgement, the rest of the employees together with the ones disgruntled will not take you seriously which can be very detrimental.
Creative Bonding
Occasionally, as the manager of the company, you should set some time for creative bonding with your employees. This can be done through informal settings like retreats where the management staff and the employees go out, do outdoor activities and play fun games together. A shared meal can also be a good way of encouraging creative bonding. During this kind of a setting, the management staff get to know their employees better and vice-versa. 

(This article has been written using an audio recording of an interview with Garrett Suzak, the founder of a marketing company. Just click on his name to find out more about him!)

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